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Adding virtual tours to property listings

Looking to add your virtual tour to a property listing on one of the major property platforms like or Domain? Well look no further… instructions are below!

REALESTATE.COMIf you want to show your tour on, click here.
DOMAINIf you want to show your tour on Domain, click here.

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What’s in a name? We’ve made a new one as part of Little Hinges and we’ll tell you why.

We know real estate is a one-of-a-kind industry, that deserves one-of-a-kind service. It’s why over the coming days you’re going to see a change here


Virtual tours helping agents, vendors and buyers to streamline the sales process

It goes without saying, but we’ll hammer it home for the people at the back; COVID is changing the way we do business.


Times are-a-changing. And along with it? Well, everything you ever knew about the way we experience the world pre COVID-19.

Transport. Handshakes. Shopping. Sanitiser. Schooling. Socialising. Accessing services. Workplaces. Leisure activities. Even the perceived value of toilet paper.


Adapt or die: Kodak V Netflix

The only constant in technology is change. As long as technology progresses then so should the businesses around tech. Put simply, adapt or die. 


All this tech talk got you confused?

Let us break down 3D and 360degree virtual tours in one easy table. With data showing that buyers are spending on average 52% longer


LJ Hooker partners with Little Hinges to unlock the very best in virtual tours

LJ Hooker agents across South East Queensland are harnessing the power of the best quality virtual tours on the market – the most cost-effective



Little Hinges is fantastic, I’ll be applying 3D tours to every listing going forward as the feedback from both our clients & buyers has been great. It really gives people a chance to dreamline and obsess over the home as if they are walking through every room, in the comfort of there own couch or bed. The back end data that little hinges provide allows you to monitor and forward the performance of your 3d tour to your client. Absolutely satisfied with little hinges and their amazing value ad to our listings of late.
I have been using Little Hinges now for a couple of months on all new listings. The customer service and ease of booking is out of this world! In a time where it is rather difficult to travel nationally and internationally, the 3D tour is a must. I would have no hesitation recommending Little Hinges to anybody looking for quality service and results.