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Want handy hints + tips how to navigate – or a small hiccup with your virtual tour? Here’s our top tips for you.

Adding a virtual tour to a property portal

Looking to add your virtual tour to a property listing on one of the major property platforms like or Domain?


If you want to show your tour on, click here.


If you want to show your tour on Domain, click here.

Sharing a virtual tour on social media

Sharing your virtual tour on social media (specifically Facebook and LinkedIn) is easy! All you need to do is simply copy your link and paste it directly in the content section. Your audience can then directly click the link off social media and enjoy your virtual right there and then on any device. Anywhere, anytime. FACEBOOKLINKEDIN

Understanding your virtual tour report

Virtual tour report explainer

Whether on websites, property portals (like, social media, or sent out privately, every Little Hinges virtual tour is not only unlocking the potential of your space… it’s also recording powerful insights you can use for your own reporting.

Here’s a quick run-down on how to use your Little Hinges Report:

The analytics reports include:

1. Total number of views

2. Number of unique viewers

3. Average time spent viewing the Virtual Tour

4. Top referrer links


Full Guide

Hints, tips and troubleshooting

How to move through the tour quicker

Did you know you don’t need to click on the scan points in the order they are shown? You can skip ahead in your tour by clicking any scan point you can see, and you will ‘jump’ or manoeuvre quickly to that location.

Use your keyboard to navigate

You can use arrows on your keypad to navigate rather than the mouse, and this will keep you level throughout your tour.

Use Dollhouse to navigate floors

If you’re not sure what room you are in, you can use the floor plan and dollhouse views on the bottom left on the navigation pane to see where you are.

Use the floors to icon to jump between spaces in a property

You can use the “floors” icon located in the bottom left of the preview pane.

Use the measuring tool

Using the measurement tool to its full advantage? Check out the tutorial from Matterport (the technology we use to create your scan) here:

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Adding a virtual tour to a property portalSharing a virtual tour on social mediaUnderstanding your virtual tour reportEmbedding your virtual tourHints, tips and troubleshooting


Little Hinges is fantastic, I’ll be applying 3D tours to every listing going forward as the feedback from both our clients & buyers has been great. It really gives people a chance to dreamline and obsess over the home as if they are walking through every room, in the comfort of there own couch or bed. The back end data that little hinges provide allows you to monitor and forward the performance of your 3d tour to your client. Absolutely satisfied with little hinges and their amazing value ad to our listings of late.
I have been using Little Hinges now for a couple of months on all new listings. The customer service and ease of booking is out of this world! In a time where it is rather difficult to travel nationally and internationally, the 3D tour is a must. I would have no hesitation recommending Little Hinges to anybody looking for quality service and results.